The MyGait Computer Story

When Jeff Hill, founder and CEO of MyGait, was once again helping his grandmother replace her computer he had a realization.

He had witnessed her complete frustration with technology due to software updates, virus protection, file storage, learning new programs, and how she had become hesitant to even ask for help with it all, and so he decided to do something about it. Take dependable hardware modified for ease of use and combine it with sophisticated software that makes everyday computer tasks simple. The MyGait Computer was designed just for her… And you!

Jeff Hill Headshot

With MyGait you are never alone. Jeff knew that to truly give seniors a successful computing experience they needed somewhere to turn besides friends and family to get their questions answered.

So he gathered knowledgeable, friendly, patient staff to create a level of customer care that goes beyond tech support. They are here for everything you do on the computer, from sending an email to finding your favorite games.

MyGait has been helping seniors since 2000 with their computing needs. While technology changes, the MyGait commitment to excellence remains the same.

The MyGait Commitment

MyGait currently helps seniors in every walk of life. From Independent Living Apartments to Assisted Living Communities to the thousands of clients that have a MyGait computer in their family room or kitchen, MyGait utilizes its years in business to create the best computing experience possible.

Jeff’s grandmother and these seniors around the country agreed – MyGait is the simple, dependable computing solution that Jeff set out all those years ago to create. Frustration and problems have given way to communication, learning and fun.

The MyGait Promise

  • Best Price
  • Lifetime warranty policy on all hardware
  • U.S Based Customer service available to assist you with all of your computer needs
  • 60-day in-home trial

*with worry-free $24.95 monthly service program

Join the MyGait family of users and see what thousands already have experienced!

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